Our Story

Pipkin Clothing Company is a British, family run business launched in 2014 by a mother and her two daughters.  With a seasonal collection of timeless clothes for babies, boys and girls up to 8 years, our range is lovingly handmade in Devon and provides comfortable, practical and effortlessly stylish wardrobe staples. 


The designs are unique and born out of our practical experience of what works on our little ones - we have experienced the frustration of buttons and zips, and the unnecessary bulkiness of internal side pockets. Our classic fit and fully elasticated waist, a practical design feature throughout the collection, ensure comfortable clothes that don’t fall down and allow children to move freely. This makes them ideal whether you are changing nappies, potty training or the children are dressing themselves! 


Pipkin offers beautifully made clothes that can be worn by brothers and sisters alike, in the garden or to a party. They are hardwearing, easy to care for, will survive as hand-me-downs and most importantly, they are comfortable. Children love to wear Pipkin clothes and for those buying as gifts, there will be no end of pleasure from seeing these comfortable, timeless styles worn by fun loving, active children. 



Bloomers were the first item to be made in Grandma's sewing room